Saturday, December 25, 2010


We received a custom order a few weeks back from a good friend who is an incredibly accomplished Artist. (gulp- a REAL artist wants US to make HIM something?) He wanted a piece for his wife/our friend for Christmas and he wanted us to use a photo of their beloved cat who passed away recently. (gulp- a cat memorial?)

Bruce was an amazing cat and we know just how much he was loved. This was a daunting task. He told us about some memories that stuck out when he thought about Bruce. How Bruce liked to dig in dirt; hunt baby ospreys; and lounge in the sun on the kitchen counter chomping on raw tomatoes. (gulp-how to use these great stories in our art?) And finally he said he really hoped that we could incorporate Bruce's ashes in the art. (.......gulping followed by fainting and then extreme panic...)

This turned out to be an incredibly fun piece to make. It was super challenging. We thought and thought about the design and unbelievably came to the exact same idea at the same time. We love it. It feels like our friends and we believe it does Bruce and their love for Bruce justice.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

client knows best

Our client wanted a Christmas present for gramps. "Classic and clean. A photo of the kids on top of bare wood with exposed edges." This is what she ended up getting and we think it is truly gorgeous. But it was definitely not a straight line to the end result. We mulled over what we could do to the piece. She must surely want us to do more to it no? Stain the wood? Paint the wood? Photo transfer trees, mountains, flowers in the background? After six different hyperbole, we ended up doing exactly what she asked and loved it more than we knew possible.

It was simple, sweet and perfect. It helps when you have such adorable models!

Friday, December 17, 2010

You always remember your first!

We finished our first order to a true client...a non-friend, non-relative, order.  She found us at the art bazaar and wanted a collage block for her sister of her dog.  We met so many people the day of the bazaar, we had no idea who she was.  We sent many emails back and forth but unfortunately never actually got to meet her again.  While we worked on the art, we speculated on who she was.  Obviously the ones that seemed most interested were our guesses....but who knew.   She picked up her piece while I was running an errand so my husband got to do the honors.  When I got home the piece was gone, the report was simply that she picked it up.  We fretted.  Did she like it?  Was it what she expected?  Did she want something more?  What did she look like?  Was she nice?  Did she seem like the type that would be effusive if she liked it?  My husband just looked at us blankly.  We were being silly, we knew.  It was just a collage block of somebody's dog, not real art.  Not a big deal.  It's just that it was our first and it was so anonymous.  

And then we got this email...

"It is freakin fantastic!!!! I brought into the bar with me tonight to show everyone. I am so extremely happy with it; I cannot wait to give it to my sister. Thank you so very much!! I will be spreading your name whenever I get a chance.

Have a very festive holiday season!"

We high-fived and danced about.  She likes it!  No, I think she loves it! Not just one exclamation but four exclamation marks! Not just fantastic but freakin' fantastic!    We read it to my husband.  He took a big breath and said "phew".  He said he was worried but didn't want to tell us.  She took it and sat in her car for 10 minutes before driving off.  He was worried but didn't want us to know he was concerned.  Good call.

We'll always remember our first client and that she was happy with the piece!  Thank you for the email.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sheen and Georgine Debuts!

We have always dreamed of selling some art.  And so we decided to kick it off last week.  We were vendors at an artisan fair with a cute little booth and all.  It was so much fun.  We alternated between feeling stressed, giddy, anxious and exhausted.  It was a big success.  We got amazing feedback and beamed like dorks when 2 separate parties told us that it was a great fair and we were the best booth at the fair.